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Dear Sacramento Center Members,


Please take a few minutes to reply to this survey form to let us know what you want in the newsletter. We will pay attention to what you say and make changes, if necessary. Your responses will remain completely anonymous. One member per survey form, please.

Thank you for responding.

The time for submitting a survey has passed

Sacramento Center Newsletter Survey

Question 1.  How important to you are the following newsletter items? Please rank order the following items, from 1 to 8, giving a 1 to the 1st most important, a 2 to the 2nd most important, and so forth.  In other words, take a close look at each of the 8, and then begin clicking on them, starting with the one that you think is most important.  Sequential numbers will get attached to each one as you click them.  You can click to reset (at top, right) at any time.

Loading newsletter items to be ranked ...

If you have comments, enter those.  Otherwise, you can submit the survey now.  Thank you.

You didn't complete one of the questions, probably one of the "how useful" items in question 2.  Use the scroll button in the upper right to review the answers.

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