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Meditation Survey Results

If the Sacramento Center offered a monthly 3-hour group meditation on a Saturday, would you attend?

don't want to drive
It's too early in the morning for me.
My answer is really a maybe. I do attend the online ones. My attendance would be sporadic.
Would probably attend 5 0r 6 hour meditations.
The need to limit my driving so will not be making extra trips to Sac if not necessary...



For those of us senior devotees, in person events are forever a risk.
It's very nice to have regular deeper group meditations. We can keep it simple first.
Can we do the EE together prior to the meditation like on Wednesday evenings, too? Thank you.
I'd like to see a return of Sunday Afternoon 3-hour meditations. Thank you.
I wonder about the old 6 hour Sacramento SRF meditations which allow for after 12:00 PM meditation, for those who have other commitments on Saturday AM
We used to have it last 5 hrs. That makes it more worthwhile for those who live at a farther distance. So maybe start with 3 hrs for 4 months and move to 5 hrs in August. Long meditations are part of this path and so much nicer to do with a small group of devotees!
Thank you!
I think this is a valuable opportunity for many, and hope it works to do it. I would like to be able to take part but do not feel able to at this time...

40 members have responded to the survey so far.

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