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Senior Group Meditation Survey Results


Would you attend an unled (no active Center Service Reader) Senior Group meditation, with perhaps only an opening and closing prayer?

Do you have any comments or thoughts about starting a Senior Group meditation?  Please enter them below and then submit this form. Thank you.

It would be my preference to have our meditation in the MPR so a closer exchange of spiritual vibrations could occur.
Suggest that volunteers do the opening and closing prayers for each meditation. Perhaps a sign-up sheet can be passed around at the meeting following Council approval of the meditation.
We've made the two hour Sunday evening meditation apart of our Sabbith Day.
I think a 2 hour meditation one Sunday afternoon a month is a great idea.
Monday - Friday open except Thursday. Begin 10 am or later.
Without a reader, I am wondering if one has to leave early, how would that happen? Just leave as quietly as possible or will that be frowned upon? I may need to be flexible with my time and perhaps that won't work for the group.

16 members responded to the survey.


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