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Convocation Schedule Survey

January 18th was the Last Day to Submit a Survey

The group planning the schedule of events for the Sacramento Center livestreamed Convocation has proposed two alternatives, each with its advantages.  Rather than us guessing what the the attendees would prefer, we decided to ask you in a brief survey.  Immediately below, you will find both the proposals.  Scroll down further to make your choice and add comments if you wish.

Proposal #1 for Convocation 2024 Sacramento Livestreamed Schedule of Events.png
Choose Proposal to View

For Sunday through Thursday would you prefer the meditations to be before classes, 6:15-7:15 pm. (see proposal 1) or would you prefer the meditations to be after the classes,  9:00-10:00 pm. (see Proposal 2).   

If Proposal 2 ends up being used, would that reduce or eliminate your interest in attending in the evenings?  

Do you have any comments or thoughts about the proposed Convocation schedules or anything regarding the event?  

You're finished!  Please click the "Submit Survey" button below.

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