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January 18th was the Last Day to Submit a Survey

Senior Group Meditation Survey

A suggestion was made at the first Senior Group meeting on Sunday, January 14, to have a Senior Group meditation. The meditation would primarily, but not exclusively, be for the Center's seniors.


The consensus was to limit the volunteers necessary to put on a meditation survey, to have a Service Reader but not an usher. But the Center currently has a severe shortage of readers, and Michael Mair, Service reader chair, has confirmed that there are not enough readers to cover a new service at this time.  Also, we have determined that previously retired readers prefer not to return to active duty. Therefore, it appears that the Senior Group meditation would be unled, that we would meditate together without a reader.


The purpose of the following survey is to determine if there is sufficient interest to have a Senior Group meditation.  You are receiving this survey because you attended the inaugural meeting. It's short and concise. Please complete and submit it today.


Thank you!


Would you attend an unled (no active Center Service Reader) Senior Group meditation, with perhaps only an opening and closing prayer?

Do you have any comments or thoughts about starting a Senior Group meditation?  Please enter them below and then submit this form. Thank you.

You're finished!  Please click the "Submit Survey" button below.

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