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January 18th was the Last Day to Submit a Survey

Sacramento Regional Retreat 2023 Survey

Dear fellow devotees,


The Sacramento Center is planning to resume our annual retreat at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Applegate in 2023, after not being able to hold the event the last several years due to the pandemic.  This joyous event will be led by Brother Bhumananda and Brahmachari Troy.  Brother Bhumananda dedicated our new Center building 25 years ago and really is enthusiastic about being at the Sacramento  Center again!  Additionally, the monks plan to arrive early so we can have a celebration of our 25 years at our North Ave. location.  Unfortunately, the May 19-21 weekend has a conflict with The Bay Area Temple, which is formally dedicating their Temple on May 20th, and is expected to draw a large crowd. So it is important for us to estimate how many people might attend our retreat.


Please let us know your informal plans by providing answers to the questions below by Monday, January 16th, so we know whether to continue planning for the retreat.  This survey will be anonymous, and no names will be associated with answers. 

Thank you!

1. Do you plan to attend the Sacramento Center Regional Retreat this year?

Thank you.  You can submit the survey now.

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