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Sacramento Regional Retreat Registration


Sorry, the retreat registration deadline was April 21 for a weekend retreat and April 28 for a day retreat.

Any field still requiring input is highlighted in red.

This is not a valid email address or you have entered more than one.  Please fix.

First and Last Name

Also registering and paying for spouse 

Spouse First and Last Name

Spouse Cell Phone

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Spouse SRF #

Spouse SRF Member Type


City, State, and Zip

Email and Phone

Emergency Contact Name and Phone

 SRF #

SRF Member Type

Meals are lacto-ovo vegetarian and vegan.  If you require a special diet you will need to bring your own food.

If you are staying on site, choose 'Weekend', otherwise choose 'Day'.

If unavailable, I prefer to:
Which days would you attend?

Option to rent 2 flat bedsheets for $7.50

# Sets



Amount Refunded::


Donate (optional) to help offset retreat costs and for scholarships





Payment Received
Payment Type

Please make any choices above highlighted in red.  Thank you.

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